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Plateforme STELLA MARE | UMS3514 - CNRS / Università di Corsica
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Unit STELLA MARE (Sustainable Technologies for LittoraL Acquaculture and MArine REsearch) focuses on ecological engineering in coastal and marine areas. Its scientific activities are part of the dynamic development of the University of Corsica's projects aimed at transforming research into useful resources. This Unit, accredited by the CNRS in June 2011, is attached to the INstitut Ecologie and Environnement (INEE)


The UMS STELLA MARE aims to master and control the integrated management of Corsican fisheries and coastal resources to enable the transfer of technological innovation to marine orientated professionals to permit them to:

  • enhance and diversify their production regarding species from the Corsican coastline
  • manage the natural resources in consideration of sustainable practice
  • promote responsible fisheries and sustainable aquaculture

The platforms scientific project is centred on research, technological transfer for professionals and raising awareness particularly among the younger generations.