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Complementary Programs

Complementary Programs


Resources knowledge, catches, discarded and fishing initiatives to improve management.

MOPAMFISH (Agence de l'eau):

Acquire knowledge to manage populations of heritage species of economic interest (Common Denti, Brown Meagre, Grouper)

PARARESTOR (Agence de l'eau):

Identification of vulnerable populations and development of methods to restore sea urchin populations.

CREANURS (Agence de l'eau):

Promoting biodiversity and biomass of coastal species and restoring degraded ecosystems through the development of micro-habitats with specific functions.

CSTI (CTC) Scientific Culture Promotion Program:

Organisation of visits of Stella Mare and events within the circle of maritime actors.

Programs carried by the UMR SPE and developed at Stella Mare:

Smart Village (European Regional Development Fund):

Optimisation of the management of energy and agricultural activities through IoT and artificial intelligence.

Moonfish (European Regional Development Fund):

Development of bioinformatic models and simulations for fisheries resource management.


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