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The primary and applied research centre on the marine environment and coastal environment work in close collaboration with the ecological management centre on different thematic related to the maritime domain (Biodiversity, Fishery resources, Sustainable Aquaculture, hydrological modelling and behavioural modelling...). The objective of this research is to improve the level of knowledge on different indigenous marine species, in the direction of production but equally for preservation of the biodiversity and the resource. The means used to achieve this objective include fisheries management, ecosystem management, ecological restoration and the sustainable aquaculture.

Environmental studies on species of economic interest (sea urchins, lobster, common dentex)

  • Assessment of natural stock levels
  • Population dynamics
  • Behavioural modelling

Environmental studies for the maintenance of the biodiversity (planktons and post-larvae)

  • Influence of impacting factors
  • Understanding the dispersion and the uptake according to the currentology / food available

Zootechnical studies for sustainable aquaculture (common dentex, flat oysters

  • Diversification by local species
  • Managing reproduction and breeding control

Zoological studies for sustainable management of the resources (sea urchin, lobster, limpet)

  • Obtaining juveniles for the sustainable management of fishing areas or the rehabilitation of overfished areas
  • Development of micro-habitats to protect juveniles
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